Dua for Our Parents

Dua for Our Parents

Pronunciation: Allahummagfirli zunubi wa-li-wa-li-day-ya war-ham hu-ma ka-ma rab-ba-ya ni sa-gi-raaa.

Meaning: My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up [when I was] small.

Many of us take our parents for granted, thinking they will always be here to love and comfort us but one day they won’t be here. So treasure your time with them. Look after them like they looked after you. We could have been neglected when we were small but we were all loved and blessed.

Today let’s make a special dua for our fathers and mothers, Past or Present. May Allah bless them with Jannah. May we never forget how much they have done for us when we were small & helpless. Are we showing them the same support & love?

Reference: Surah Al-Isra Verse 24