Dua For Blessing and Provision

Dua For Blessing and Provision

Pronunciation: Allahummagfirli zambi wa was-si'-li fi daa ri wa barik li fi riz-qi

Meaning: O Allah! Forgive my sins and widen my home and grant barakah in my rizq

Allah says in the Quran: “And if any one puts his trust in Allah, sufficient is (Allah) for him. For Allah will surely accomplish his purpose. Verily, for all things has Allah appointed a due proportion” (Surah Al-Talaq, verses 3) Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “If only you relied on Allah a true reliance, He would provide sustenance for you just as He does the birds: They fly out in the morning empty and return in the afternoon with full stomachs.

Reference: Ibnus Sunni, hadith: 28