Morning Dua For Thanks To Allah

Posted on June 3, 2018

Morning Dua For Thanks To Allah

Pronunciation: Allahumma ma as-ba-ha bî min ni'mah, Aw bi-aa-ha-dim-min khal-qika, Fa-min-ka wah-daka la sharî-ka laka, Fa-la-kal-hamdu wa la-kash-shukr.

Meaning: O Allah, what blessing I or any of Your creation have risen upon, is from You alone, without partner, so for You is all praise and unto You all thanks

Virtue: Whoever says this in the morning has indeed offered his day’s thanks and whoever says this in the evening has indeed offered his night’s thanks.
Note: For the morning one reads (as-ba-ha), and for the evening one reads (am-sa)

Reference: Abu Dawood Book 4 #324