Dua For Pardon & Well-Being

Posted on June 3, 2018

Dua For Pardon & Well-Being

Pronunciation: Allahumma in-nee as’aa-lu-kal af-wa wal ‛aafiyah, fid-dun-yaa wal-aa-khi-rah, Allahumma in-nee as’aa-lu-kal af-wa wal ‛aafiyah, fee dee-nee wa dun-yaa-ya, wa ah-lee wa maa-lee, Allahum-mas-tur aw-raa-tee wa aa-mir-raw ‛aa-tee Allahum-mah-faz-nee mim bay-ni ya-day-ya, wa min khal-fee, wa ay-ya-mee-nee, wa ‛an shi-maa-lee, wa min faw-qee, wa a‛oo-zu bi-‛a-za-ma-tika an ugh-taa-la min tah-tee

Meaning: O Allah, I ask You for pardon and well-being in this life and the next. O Allah, I ask You for pardon and well-being in my religious and worldly affairs, and my family and my wealth. O Allah, veil my weaknesses and set at ease my dismay. O Allah, preserve me from the front and from behind and on my right and on my left and from above, and I take refuge with You lest I be swallowed up by the earth.

Reference: Sunan Abu Dawood: 5074 & Sunan Ibn Majah: 3871