Dua Before And After Toilet

Dua Before And After Toilet

Pronunciation: Bismillah. Allahumma innee a‛oodhu bika minal-khubuthi wal-khabaa’ith. Ghuf-raanak.

Meaning: In the name of Allah. O Allah, indeed I seek your protection from the male and female jinn. I ask You (Allah) for forgiveness.

Virtue: The purpose of this seeking refuge is to seek the protection of Allah against the male and female devils because this is an evil and unclean place (khabeeth).

Recite the above accordingly to be protected before and after using the lavatory, so that no khubth (evil) or khabaa’ith (evil jinn) will affect you.

Reference: Sahih Bukhari, 142 | Sahih Muslim, 375