Surah Al-Ma'un

Surah Al-Ma'un


Verse 1: A-ra-ay-tal-lazee yu kaz-zi-bu bid deen

Verse 2: Fa zaa-likal-lazi ya-du'-ul-ya-teem

Verse 3: Wa la ya hud-du 'a-laa ta'a-mil mis-keen

Verse 4: Fa wai lul-lil mu sal-leen

Verse 5: Al la-zee-na hum 'an sa-laa-ti-him sa-hoon

Verse 6: Al la-zee-na hum yu-raaa-oon

Verse 7: Wa yam-na'oo-nal ma'oon


Verse 1: Have you seen the one who denies the Recompense?

Verse 2: For that is the one who drives away the orphan

Verse 3: And does not encourage the feeding of the poor.

Verse 4: So woe to those who pray

Verse 5: [But] who are heedless of their prayer -

Verse 6: Those who make show [of their deeds]

Verse 7: And withhold [simple] assistance.

Reference: Surah Al-Ma'un - Chapter 107