Dua Become Rich, Beautiful, Presentable

Posted on June 2, 2018

Dua Become Rich, Beautiful, Presentable

Pronunciation: Allahumma ag-ni-ni bil 'Ilm, wa zay-yin-ni bil hilm, wa 'ak-rim-ni bit-taqwa, wa jam-mil-ni bil 'a-fiyah

Meaning: Oh Allah! Enrich me via Knowledge, Oh Allah! Adorn me with a sense of humility/gentleness, Oh Allah! Deem me noble with Taqwa/Piety, Oh Allah! Beautify me by keeping us in a state of well being/healthy.

In principle there is nothing wrong in wanting to be rich. So Islam does not mind you wanting to be rich. Islam says how are you going to do it? And what are you willing to sacrifice in the process. Islam does not mind that people want to be known, the question is known for what? Islam does not mind when people say I want to be beautiful, they say according to whom? We want to be presentable and adorned, Islam says no problem, with what is the question? So the Prophet (ﷺ) knowing this about us; he gave us the formula, how to have these four things fulfilled."

Reference: Abudllah ibn 'Omar